How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Turbofire?

How many calories you burn during a TurboFIRE workout is going to be different for everyone, but just to give you an idea here are some numbers…

When I do an hour of TurboFIRE (be it FIRE 60, FIRE 30+TONE 30, etc…) on average I burn about 300-600 calories (can be more or less depending on how much I put into it). This is just during the actual workout and not including the hour or so following where I also burn calories at a high rate. I have some friends that are new to TurboFIRE who are not in as good of shape as I am and they are burning as much as 800 cals in an hour workout. (If you are doing the hybrid with ChaLEAN Extreme find a complete list of calories burned per workout here. I use a BodyBugg to track how many calories I burn.)
TurboFIRE comes with HIIT workouts which stand for High Intensity Interval Training. These workouts are short bursts of crazy intensity followed by a rest period. These are actually my favorite part of FIRE and you will not get as high of a calorie burn as you will with the regular cardio FIRE workouts in the moment. Hear me out though and do not think these HIIT workouts are not worth it. When I start my day out with a HIIT I see an increase in my calorie burn for the day as a whole! (And personally I love the HIIT’s because they are fast and that’s perfect for a busy mom. I feel like they are over before I even know what happened!)

TurboFIRE also comes with strength training workouts. If you are just looking to see how many calories you burn in a certain period of time you will not burn as much doing strength training as you would doing cardio. But… Adding muscle to your body will increase your metabolism, think long term! (If you are looking for a strength training program to focus on check out ChaLEAN Extreme.)


HIIT 15: 125 (calories)
HIIT 20: 155
HIIT 25: 200
HIIT 30: 280

TurboFIRE 30: 260
FIRE 45ez:
FIRE 45: 380
FIRE 55ez: 450 (I love all the ab work at the end of this one!)
FIRE 60: 500

TONE 30: 136
UPPER 20: 103
LOWER 20: 125
CORE 20: 128
ABS 10: 45
STRETCH 40: 127
STRETCH 10: 47

If you are looking for a fun workout that will burn calories then TurboFIRE is definitely for you. If you have been doing TurboJam and are looking to push yourself to a new level GO FOR IT!  Whether you have done Jam or haven’t worked out in a while there is a modified schedule that TurboFIRE comes with to help you get started and I have also made several modified schedules for my friends based on fitness level and amount of time they can put in each week. Contact me if you need ideas or have any questions!


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